Eyebrows in New York City

After my training at Joey Healy

Let me get this straight, New York is my favourite city in the world! The buzz, the excitement, the nightlife, the 24 hour diners... its just the best!

So when I found out I was going to have the opportunity to train with Joey Healy NYC I was absolutely beside myself! For those of you that don't know Joey Healy is the eyebrow stylist to the stars, he is one of the most exclusive eyebrow stylists in all of NYC and the inventor of some cutting edge eyebrow styling techniques.

I am a massive believer in beautiful natural brows, a style that suits your face. Not a "designer" brow that does not frame your face properly. This belief is matched by Joey Healy so this coupled with the opportunity to learn from one of the worlds best was an amazing opportunity.

When I first made my way into the Salon there were three stools in the front of the front room. I thought it might have been a section they used for makeup. I walked past the front counter that has a wall separating the back of the salon from the front and again there there are 2 more stools in front of mirrors.

At Joey Healy all brow treatments are done in stools sitting up, something that I had not seen before! It took some getting used to and actually keeps the brows in a better position for shaping.

The next shock was they do not use any wax! Every single hair is plucked with tweezers to ensure absolute control. It also creates a much more natural look which I love.

After mastering the technique we worked on facial geometry with some models. Understanding facial and eyebrow geometry is the absolute key to great eyebrows!

All in all it was an amazing experience, I learned so much and combined with all I have learned the last 10 years can't wait to share it all with you back in Perth.

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