I have a dream......

What if your eyebrow appointment could be an escape from the hustle of your daily grind and a chance to unwind and relax. Not just a another one of the tasks that endlessly appear in your calendar.

This was my mission for my clients when I opened Samantha J Eyebrows. An opportunity to escape...... an experience to look forward to.

To do this I discovered 5 keys to deliver on my dream experience:

  1. Longer appointments: The industry standard is to have you in and out in under 30 minutes. By the time you get comfortable its time to leave.

  2. Bigger room: Being squeezed in a room with a bed, some wax pots and another person is hardly relaxing. Ensuring the room has warm feel and lots of space was important.

  3. A "real" consultation process: To truly get the results that clients want I needed improve the consultation process.

  4. It doesn't have to be painful: Create a soft natural treatment that is as painless as possible.

  5. Free Brow training: recap the basics so clients can keep their brows looking great everyday!

Giving myself 45 - 60 minutes, I've found that automatically relaxes me and my client, we have lots of time to build rapport which allows me to really discover their needs. Theres lots of space including a dedicated chair and mirror for consultations. We sit down in front of the mirror, take measurements and come up with a "brow plan" together. We now offer executive appointments on Wednesday and Thursday nights to accomodate those of us that are extremely busy at home or at the office!

I've created a new soft, gentle technique from my training in NYC and years of experience in Australia ..... Shaping eyebrows is never painless yet this is as close as it gets, so much so, lots of clients actually fall asleep during the signature Blueprint. Lastly and by no means least we review before and after pics, create a plan for your next appointment and cover the best way to pencil, grow and maintain your brows.

This is the Samantha J Eyebrows experience, an escape from the hustle and bussle of everyday life, a time to enjoy, relax and an appointment you can look forward to.

Samantha J - I just want the best for your brows