Wedding Brows

I am a perfectionist when it comes to your brows, I always take extra time to plan, execute and explain. So when it comes to doing brows for a big occasion I absolutely love it and there is no bigger occasion than an Wedding!!!

The Bride is the centre of attention and the pictures from this day will hang on her wall for a lifetime bringing flashbacks of one of the happiest days in her life.......Brides spend months even years planning every detail of their special day yet so many forget about their BROWS!!!! The one thing that impacts your look more than anything and something that needs time to be perfected!

Thats my job, make sure you look beautiful and natural with brows that not only look amazing on the day, but stand up to years of review from the pictures hanging on the wall. This has been a talking point in the salon with a few clients and they have suggested that I offer a "Wedding Brow" package.

The key with the Wedding Brows is time, like the perfect wedding, every detail needs to be meticulously planned. This includes your "Wedding Brows". Ideally starting 6 months out we can fix virtually any brow drama you have going on! With most clients I also like to get using a brow serum. 6 months really gives your serum a chance to do its thing. My favourite is LiBROW, it's amazing and ensures you will have lovely thick luscious brows. From there we perfect the shape that YOU love, so by the time your walking down the isle you know your brows are on point!!

If your reading this now and panicking because your big day is fast approaching - please contact me now for a Free emergency Wedding Brow Consultation. Email or 0450 434 243

For those of you interested in the Wedding brow package all of the details are listed below. You can pre-book up to 12 in advance for those you super organised Brides

The package consists of:

1 x Free initial Consultation (15 mins)

6 x Blueprint appointments (45 - 60 mins)

1 x Lash Tints (final appointment)

1 x LiBROW serum

Cost is $390 (regular price $525)

For more information or to book now click here.